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Awkward Ellie

Awkward Ellie - Nordic Game Jam



Awkward Ellie is desperately trying to not be awkward at her first tea party. Unfortunately, Ellie is an elephant and it turns out drinking tea and eating cake is quite difficult when you don't have opposable thumbs. Put a Playstation Move controller on your nose and use your elephant trunk to drink tea and eat cake like any nice guest would do.

  • Try not to knock over any things, unless you want to embarrass yourself.
  • Marvel at the stunningly colorful low-poly world through the lens(es) of an Oculus Rift.
  • For maximum fun, add tusks, ears and a snout to your Move/Oculus gadget extravaganza.

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Featured in:
CGM: Link
Indicade: Link
Kill Screen: Link
VR Focus: Link

Nominated for:
Nordic Game Indie Night 15: Link , Link


    Nordic Game Jam 15 was my 4th game jam and were one where I really started to get the hang of how to work as a team.
    Our theme for the gamejam was 'Right now' and to get started we decided to do a brainstorm. At some point the note 'The elephant in the room' came up and everybody loved it.
    Different ideas were bounced around, but ultimately we were sold when Jonathan put a Playstation move controller in a sock. It just looked too funny not to persue.

    We had a very mixed set of skills on the team, and the best way I could contribute were to do the music and SFX after the initial design was nailed down.
    I were at that moment attending Ry Højskole at the other side of the country and had to leave before the award ceremony. I remember sitting in the train when I got the news that we had won an award. I have rarely had such a pleasant train ride.


    • Created in 48 hours
    • Using Unity
    • Awarded Best Seed at NGJ 15 (Jury's Mention)
    • Nominated for Nordic Game Indie Night 15
    • Team of 3 went on to develop the game further

    The Team

    Jesper Hyldahl Fogh (Continued Dev) - Website
    Michail Nenkov (Continued Dev) - Website
    Nina Cecilie Højholdt (Continued Dev) - Website
    Jonathan Trier Brikner
    Anton Pilmark
    Emil Juul Clevin

    My Contributions

    • Game Design
    • Music
    • SFX