Technical Game Designer






  • Single player First Person Shooter
  • Created in 10 weeks - 4 hours a day
  • Using custom in-house engine
  • Approximately 15 min of gameplay


My Contributions

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
    • Main responsible for level 3
  • Responsible for cooperation and implementation of Music and SFX

The Team

Anton Pilmark - Level Designer
Victor Rasmussen - Level Designer
Adam Weith - Level Designer

Ellinor Sanders - Graphical Artist
Frida Åsling Sellius - Graphical Artist
Petter Gunnarsson - Graphical Artist

Hussein Taher - Programmer
Christian de Orleans - Programmer
Hannes Elofsson - Programmer
Gabriel Eriksson Cic - Programmer
Paulina Heiskanen - Programmer

Rasmus Björk - Technical Artist
Dag Bjärum-Bengtsson - Technical Artist

    Thinking in arenas

    This time around we had to think about arenas since we had chosen DOOM (2016) as our reference game.
    This was a fun challenge since the level design came more down to what viewing angles there were at any given position and the possible jumps you could make from one height to another. 


    Adjusting scope early

    Scope, the one thing that has followed me through all the projects were the scope of our games always seemed to creep a bit out of hand.
    This time around we very quickly and swiftly began to cut after only a week or so. Doing this meant that the general stress level of the group was never overwhelming, and the team were able to keep a better and more easy going tone than the last project. 


    Choosing your battles

    As we last time tried to focus very hard on getting the gameplay to feel right without any success we decided to focus on the levels since they would have a big impact on gameplay in either case.
    This proved to be much more enjoyable than trying to change something that hadn't made it into the game yet. 


    Final Thoughts

    Banappled was a fun game to chug away at. The 3D space made a lot of difference this time around, which made our jobs as level designers more prominent.
    One thing I have found is that the more responsibility that I am given, the more I am motivated to meet and go beyond the expectations. 
    First person shooters has never been my favorite genre to work in, but it was definitely a fun and wholesome experience to work on Banappled.