Technical Game Designer


Gobble Trouble
Nordic Game Jam 2017



Gobble Trouble is a hectic party game for up to 4 players. As you franticly try to outrun an crumbling course you will claw your way in front of your advesaries pushing each other back and doing your best evil laughter when you send them to their doom with a well placed swap.


Created in 48 hours
Using Unity 2017

My Contributions

Game Design
Level Design
Music and SFX


Joshua Ravn Christiansen
Hussein Taher
Anton Pilmark



Gobble trouble were an adventure I won't soon forget. Practicing my modelling, level design and SFX skills were super fun.
We all knew we wanted to make a hectic party game, at the time I didn't know scripting, but Joshua wanted to try and push his scripting and GFX and Hussein were interested in doing randomization and generation of environments.
So we had a gap in the modelling part, and since we had used most of our first year at TGA I decided to take on the challenge.

Gobble trouble were interesting from a Level Design perspective since we'd randomize the environment with curves in the editor made by Hussein until we found one that fit us well. From there on in, we would tweak the section to our liking, adding in gameplay elements that we designed together, like jump pads, tree's, volcano's, pitons, rubber ducks, ect.
The sections would then be randomly generated according to a difficulty, so you would never get a volcano in your first 5 sections for example. This allowed us to curved the difficulty for new players, while letting the late game get interesting and never predictable.