Technical Game Designer





In Time is a 2D adventure game in which the player plays as a robot that wakes up in a laboratory located deep underground with no memory of how and why he came about to be there. The player’s task is to find all logs and escape the laboratory.


  • Single player adventure game
  • Created in 8 weeks -4 hours a day
  • Using custom in-house engine
  • Approximately 20 min of gameplay

My Contributions

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
                - Responsible for level 2 (The Lab)
  • Responsible for SFX and Music
  • Part of the story taskforce

The Team

Anton Pilmark - Level Designer
John Berhnes  - Level Designer

Martin Vallin - Graphical Artist
Henrik Giang - Graphical Artist
Tomas Tagesson- Graphical Artist

Albin Nilsson - Programmer
Carl Hiselius - Programmer
Joakim Bensryd- Programmer
Sebastian Szymanski - Programmer


    Planning a 6 week project
    -Over scoping and stress-

    In_Time was a bit different project by nature. We had been working on 3 projects so far and had had 8 weeks to do them all.
    With this game we only had 6 weeks. 
    But we did not account this into our planning, we scoped for doing different environments and doing different mechanics. While we should have gone a more minimalistic way.

    Importance in the Detail
    -Having a Theme but not a Vision-

    While we planned for more time than we had, we also made a fatal mistake in our pre-production. After a couple of meetings we had decided on  having the world set in a post-post apocalyptic setting. And while this was not to fault our estimate of what was possible was off by several miles. Our theme and reference game didn't really fit and we kept adjusting both to accommodate the other.


    Finding the fun

    We had underestimated our time vastly, and while the the game were functioning, 5 Weeks in, we did not have a game that were fun.
    Unfortunately I got ill and was bed  bed ridden for the last week and the tweaking necessary to have the game be and enjoyable experience did not get done.
    When I came back I did tweak the player speed and some other metrics, making the game quite fun to play, but alas, it was too late.

    Closing Thoughts


    In_Time were a learning experience that in the end made me a better designer.
    I learned a lot about adjusting my scope when looking at a shorter project. I learned how to deal with the stress of overscoping and that sometimes it's okay to fail. As long as you take the experience and learn from it.

    The thing about pitfalls is that sometimes you have to fall into them to actually really learn from them.
    It can be hard to take other accumulated experience and apply it to yourself without having discovered what lies behind it.